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Back Street Boys ACMA

Back Street Boys own Kevin Richardson

My job has many different elements of mystery at any given day or moment. I never know who will be in my chair as it is the luck of the draw when you are apart of a team of artist to which The Batterman Group Agency hired our team for the 52nd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards and the performing lineup did not disappoint. Florida Georgia Line featuring Back Street Boys were the finale of the show. As I sit backstage with an open chair one by one a member of BSB arrived to our makeup stations for a little mens grooming before the Red Carpet, each chair slowly getting filled up and next my chair Kevin Richardson sits with me. He did not need much just a little anti shine and powder as he already had his hair nicely pulled back and done. He was an absolute doll and extremely appreciative of my help. Everyone one of these artist in each of the artist chairs were very nice respectful and fun we laughed and chatted and before you know it, show time.

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